I find fancy art supplies intimidating. Cadmium red is expensive, and a thoroughly prepared panel or canvas requires an investment in time as well as money. I hate waste, so when I paint I risk trying too hard and I know concerns like that can lead to failure.


Writing also requires a time investment but any money involved is usually negligible. Let’s make painting and writing more analogous and suppose that for every one hundred words you wish to save or send, you have to pay one dollar. I believe this modest one cent a word fee would be a factor to a greater or lesser degree for everyone, except perhaps for the wealthy, reckless, or highly motivated. I am not usually those kinds of person.


Prose written under these circumstances would be endangered: It could wind up purple, or condensed to white. When every word costs, you’d better make all of them either splendid or efficient. We all want to do our best, but I need to be aware of external circumstances that adversely affect my judgement.


I didn’t fully realize I found fancy art supplies intimidating until I was cleaning out a closet and discovered an old account ledger book. The pages were very appealing and because of that, the last few months have been productive – free, casual, and loose – not my typical way of doing things.




All I needed was some paper worthy of recycling and a free save button to share it.