The other day I mentioned to a friend that I’ve been writing a blog. Naturally enough, he asked me what I write about.

I froze – I had no idea how to put it into a couple of sentences, especially since I was working on The Communist Manifesto without Nouns at the time. Next time I will be prepared – a condition I very rarely experience. So here’s the answer to that question:

I mostly write about the relation between a visual artist’s work and their explanations of it, and how theory can affect practice. Artists explain their practice to both themselves and others and they need to take care that their non-visual thinking does not contaminate their work through worry about the implications of their justifications and contextualizations. Concerns about a successful career are often the culprit, although not always. Regardless of your line of work, it’s easy to baffle yourself. Examine your thinking while you work. Are you thinking about how other people will react to it? That could lead to second rate work. Are you thinking about how this could be the best piece ever, as long as you don’t screw it up? This is the right track. It should be meant to please you, and nobody else but you. Strangely enough, that will give it the furthest reach. I don’t think Shakespeare or Mozart were worried about the critics, or the guy next door.

Here’s a shorter version, assuming you plodded through the one above: I write about how artists can weaken their art because of their concerns about things like their career. I also write about other things that interest me, but the first thing still comes up from time to time.

And on that subject, this is a perfect time to post a Krendallgraph by the illustrious Wm. F. Krendall (apologies for the image quality, I only have a low resolution PDF of the final edit of issue 7, Fall 2004 of my presently defunct magazine Wegway Primary Culture (It was an appropriate sized file for emailing between the Art Director and me, the editor, in an era before Dropbox and the like) (and further apologies if you click that link because the website for the new version, Wegway 2.0, is incomplete, and basically non-functional, but there is some interesting stuff there, including, believe it or not, the proposed method of payment of contributors and the fine print)).

On my computer anyway, if you click on the images in my posts, they get big enough to actually read.